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Y Velo Junior Balance Bike

Now little ones can join in with the outdoor fun! The coolest way to learn balance skills from as young as 18 months. The Y Velo Junior is specially engineered to help kids step up to a pedal bike by three or four years old without using stabilizers!

  • Helps kids develop an early sense of balance and control, along with independence, self-confidence and happiness!
  • Children can progress to a normal bicycle at the age of 3 or 4 without having to use training wheels / stabilizers.
  • Recommended age: 18+ months
Price: $59.99
Availability: In Stock
* Color:

Absolutely the best way to get your child riding a bike


We received this bike as a hand-me-down bike for my oldest son from a neighbor (my son was 27 months old). This bike is THE SOLE reason my child at 4 years old is now riding a normal bike with pedals. My son used to HATE this bike and be too scared of it. It would wobble and he'd fall and had abandoned the bike for several weeks choosing instead to use a big wheels or something more sturdy. When my son's older friends and neighbors (ages 7-13 - my son then 3 years old) started to go too fast for him to keep up he started on the VELO Junior again. He's now 42 inches tall and 4.5 years old and the bike no longer fits him. He rode the VELO JR. at top speeds from 3 and change to just about 4 years old pushing along and keeping up with his friends. This weekend I told my son who graduated to a real bike but with the pedals taken off that he'd be able to go "super fast" if he chose to use pedals. Always the competitive type but usually reluctant when it comes to trying new things he immediately declined. However 5 minutes later he was begging and pleading for the pedals to be put on. THE FIRST TIME WITH PEDALS - HE GOT IT! No falls, no aching son rode his bike and pedaled. We have always used the slight slope of our driveway as the way our son would get momentum. With the pedals he pushed off to get speed once, twice and then started pedaling and now he can't stop. Our son is now a cyclist and he can't get enough! I can't say this enough to friends - DON'T EVER DO TRAINING WHEELS! Only use balance bikes and be patient. Your child will get it - keep offering, sometimes force them one or 2 trips down a small slope and they'll get it. Thank you VELO!!!

Windermere, Florida

My son loves it!


This is a great balance bike and at a reasonable price compared to others. I got the junior bike because it has 2 tires and can be switched to 1 at a later time when my son is older, then back to 2 when my younger son is ready to use it.

Sandston, VA

Love this balance bike


We bought this for my son when he was 17 months old. It took him almost a week to figure out how to walk it so that his feet didn't keep knocking into the back wheels. During that week, I was nervous he was going to become frustrated and quit, but he kept at it. We love the double back wheels for our little guy which give him the confidence to roll down small slopes. He loves his balance bike and wants to go out on it everyday. I'm having fun with him because he's having fun.

Menlo Park


Our 2yo's fav xmas present



Columbus in


Highly recommend this for balance beginners.


Best money spent for a beginner bike. My son rode this bike all the time. He loved it. At 20 months he caught on very quickly. Now after a year riding this he has started riding a 2 wheeler. After only about 5 tries with help on the 2 wheeler he is now a pro.



Y Velo Junior Blue

5.0 5


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