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Here at Yvolution we aim to design products which are fun. colourful, longlasting and beneficial to children, while also striving to keep the cost low. We do this by making sure our products give the most health benefits, in unusual ways. We know that the Government recommendations for physical activity in children say that your child needs at least 60 minutes of moderate level physical activity a day, and we try to design products to help your child achieve this with little or no hassle, so you have one less thing to worry about.

In younger years the  Y Pewi is the ultimate walking aid and once they've mastered that, it's an incredible ride-on toy. The Y Velo teaches young children balance so they can get on a pedal bike sooner. The Y Glider teaches balance, steering and control. Using the Y Fliker uses up to 770 calories per hour by engaging core muscle groups and has less negative impact on the knees than walking and running,the Y Pogo improves bone density and most of all, our products offer children confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Early childhood is a significant time for the development of Fundamental Movement Skills. Children do not develop these skills by chance, they have to be learned, practiced and reinforced. Those who lack Fundamental Movement Skills are less likely to participate in sport and games during childhood and adolescence and are more likely to experience frustration and difficulty in learning more advanced skills and reducing their enjoyment of sports. We design our products with the aim of improving locomotor and balance skills.

Our products directly improve locomotor and balance skills. Our ‘How to’ manuals include games and activities which can be played while using our products, so your child can also work on their manipulative skills. This allows your children, of all ages, to begin their journey in to sport and exercise skill development in a fun and enjoyable way.

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