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Differences Between The Y Flikers

Having trouble choosing between the different series' of scooter???

Here are the basic differences between the different Y Fliker series' of scooter just to stop any confusion that may arise when choosing a model.

Sport Series

Carver Series

Air Series

Flow Series

LIFT Series

BMX Handlebars

High performance

Lightweight Model

Original Y Fliker

Newest Model

Taller than the Air/Flow Series

FLEX technology;

Sister model to the Flow Series

Revolutionary self-propelling scooter

LIFT Technology

Enhanced footplates to the Air/Flow series

Enhanced tricks and drifting capabilities

Push scooter style handlebars

Speeds of up to 20km/h

Enhanced tricks and wheelies capabilities

Fastest model

Faster than the Flow/Air series

Basic drifting capabilities

Basic drifting capabilities

Can do more tricks than the Carver Series

Colours on white tones

For experienced riders

Colours on black tones

Reverse colours to the other models

For experienced riders


Within each model there  is a 1 and 3, and in the case of the Sport and Flow there is a 5. For example, in the Sport Series there is an SP1, SP3 and SP5. 

This numbering represents the age suitability of the products within the series. The 1 means that the scooter is for a child aged 5+, the 3 means that the scooter is for 7+ and the 5 means the scooter if suitable for children aged 9+.
Hope this helps you in choosing the best scooter for your children.


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