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Y Fliker A1 Self Propelling Scooter

Smooth drifting and awesome control! The Y Fliker A1 is a revolutionary three-wheeled scooter that is a whole body workout. No more kicking the pavement and losing speed. Simply move your hips from side to side and leave the others behind!

  • Easy to control and ensure a safe, fun ride!
  • Innovative scooter that performs smooth drifting.
  • Easy to fold and bring with you wherever you take it!
  • Recommended age: 5+ years
* Color:



What's Included

Definitely don't buy this. Very misleading


My daughter didn't get to use it at all. It's too short, and height is not adjustable. The description is VERY misleading. It says 5years+ with a MINIMUM height, and MAXIMUM daughter is 8 and meets the minimum height and is half of the maximum weight, but it does not say that the height is not doesn't list a MAXIMUM height. Very disappointed. Returning this product tomorrow.

Orlando FL


i love this scooter to ride on campus and off campus


i love this yvoultion fliker a1 because its very easy to assemble and easy to ride on too. it has a folding mechanism that is awesome to do. i enjoy the fun on this ride on because i don't have to pay and ride uber or lime bikes and scooters because they cost money and app is really expensive.

winston salem NC


Well made, simple to put together


My grandson is 7, very tall & lean but is having a hard time mastering keeping it moving

Baltimore, Maryland


The green one has more glide than the pink.


The green one has more glide than the pink one . It isn't as smooth as the green one . It is also very hard to understand the lock .



Unable to resolve issue with product


This product was purchased for my son for Christmas. While taking the scooter from the box we noticed pieces of broken plastic in the bottom of the box. The foot plate was broken, emailed customer service, sent all information requested and have to email or leave voice messages just to get a response. We just need to know if we are going to receive a replacement part or if we have to send the scooter back. My son has yet to be able to play with his gift. Very disappointed.



Awesome product! My kid loves it!


Bought this for my daughter. She was so excited! She is in love with her scooter and doesn't leave home without it.

Bronx New York


awesome product


Bought this for my 5 year old slightly uncoordinated daughter. She caught on right away and is now starting to do tricks. She absolutely loves it! I think she will be using this scooter for years.

Minneapolis, MN


I love this product so much because it glides


Blah blah blah


I would buy this product again from this company.


This was a gift for my 4 year old granddaughter. She loves it and rides it with her friends.



pete daczka


We bought this for my son who was 1 1/2 year old and I can't believe how easy it was for him to ride it, He absolutely loves it! Really recommend it !!

United States

Y Fliker A1 Green

4.2 32