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      Especially designed to develop strength, balance, coordination and spatial awareness while learning how to walk.
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      Help kids to master balance, coordination, and motor skills before trading up to their first pedal bike. A safe way to get to grips with life in the fast lane.
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      Awesome multi-stage scooters to help kids rise through the  ranks from beginner to pro.
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      Step on the award-winning  Y Flikers  that revolutionized  three-wheeled scooting. Swing  your hips from side to side  and leave the others behind.
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      This innovative kid-powered design is fast, cutting edge and one of the most stylish ways to cruise around and turn heads. 
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      Have a look at our helmets and light up accessories, designed to keep your children safe and visible.
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      Roll up your sleeves and explore out selection of customizable and spare parts to get your product back to peak performance.
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How can we help?

▼ The spare part I am looking for is out of stock, when will you have it back again?

Please keep checking back regularly on our website as we frequently update our stock levels. Alternatively, please contact us directly and we would be happy to help!

▼ Which Flikers are suitable for adults?

The best advice in choosing a Fliker for an adult is to take a look at the product dimensions. Check the max load of the product and also the product height. As long as the height is suitable and the max load is not exceeded you will be able to use the Fliker. You can compare each of the Flikers using this handy guide.

▼ Which Y Glider should I choose?

You can compare each of the Gliders using this handy guide. The Deluxe models feature a double foot deck for extra support and grip. The XL models have extendable handlebars. The only other difference is the style of the brake. The original has a black brake, the Deluxe and XL have coloured brakes and the XL Deluxe has a silver brake.

▼ Which Fliker should I choose?

Check out our Fliker Compare guide here. The product specifications is another useful place to check before deciding on the best Fliker. First, select the product you are interested in. Then, underneath the photograph, you will see a tab "Product Specs". This is where you can check the dimensions etc. Make sure the max load won’t be exceeded and also that the height is appropriate.

▼ Which Kart should I choose?

Both Y Karts have similar sizing. They are both pedal driven but the Rocker features lean-to-steer technology whereas the Explorer uses the handlebars to steer and features rear-wheel steering. The Rocker has pneumatic tyres and the Explorer has solid TPR tyres. You can read more about the product specs on each product page: Explorer, Rocker
We recommend both Y Karts for children from 5 years and up as long as the max load is not exceeded.
The max load on each is as follows:
Explorer: 220lbs
Rocker: 165lbs

▼ I can’t find the tab to register my new product on your facebook page, where is it?

We've recently moved our Product Registration tab to our website here :)

▼ Where's my delivery?

UK and Ireland deliveries usually take less than 5 working days from the date of order. We can't guarantee an exact time of day for delivery, but UK customers can track their order using the tracking number provided by TNT prior to dispatch. Our warehouses are based in Southampton (UK) and Blanchardstown (Ireland) respectively.

US deliveries usually take between 24-48 hours to process and then up to 7 business days for delivery. Our warehouse is based in Anaheim, California.

Australian deliveries usually take 24-48 hours to process, and then up to 7 business days for delivery depending on location. Our warehouse is based in Sydney.

Please note that all Spare Parts can take 7 to 10 working days to be delivered no matter the country.

If you need some help, please email us:

▼ What happens if I miss my delivery?

If you’re not home to sign for your delivery, don’t worry. The driver will make several attempts to deliver before the package is returned to the warehouse. You’ll also receive a notice from the driver, which you can use to reschedule your delivery. If you need some help, please email us:

▼ How are payments processed?

Payments on are done using both Realex (EU orders and for Spare parts), and First Data Payments. Yvolution is fully PCI compliant.

▼ The scooter I am looking for is out of stock, when will you have it back again?

Please keep checking back regularly on our website as we frequently update our stock levels. Alternatively, please contact us directly and we would be happy to help!

▼ How long is the delivery time?

We deliver within the following time frames:
IRL: 3-7 days
UK: 5-7 days
EU: 7-10 days
US: 5-7 working days
Spare Parts (No matter the country) : 7-10 working days

▼ I bought the Y Velo Flippa but the legs keep folding inwards, what can I do?

Please contact us directly so we can solve this.

▼ The brake on my Fliker isn’t working, how can I fix it?

From time to time the mechanism on the brake becomes stiff. There is a small spring in the mechanism which may have become stuck. Here’s a video showing how to dismantle a brake. About 10 seconds into the video, it shows the spring, nut, and bolt. When you pull the brake handle, the spring compresses, however, the problem could be that it is not expanding again and instead is getting stuck on the nut. (The end of the video shows how to re-assemble the spring with the nut and bolt, should you need to adjust this).

▼ How do I assemble the wheel on the Lift?

These images should help you assemble your Lift:

▼ I have the Y Velo Jr and want to change from two to one wheel but don’t have the spacers (part 13), how can I get these

These spacers are in fact located on the bike itself. They are securely kept in the rear fork. In this video clip you will see exactly how to locate the spacers.