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Our Way

Life through motion

From early steps onwards, we’re here to help kids develop a healthy ‘sense of self’ and explore the world around them through movement and fun! 

Yvolution is about encouraging kids to spend more time outside, keep active and have some fun. We believe that playtime and adventure is important to overall development and confidence later on in life, not to mention the physical benefits. 

Some of our best childhood memories were down at the playground after school, tearing around on our bikes, skateboards, scooters – anything with wheels! Now we’re all grown up, we want to pass on this freedom and fun to the next generation.

Backed up by science

We’re the first outdoor toy company in the world to undertake significant research into motor skills, balance and overall development in kids.

We teamed up with PhD researchers at Dublin City University and The University of California, Los Angeles to explore the relationship between certain types of outdoor toys and improvements to the overall development and ‘sense of self’ in children.

The results from these studies will be used to continually develop and innovate our range of products to help kids improve gross motor skills, balance, spatial awareness, coordination, and even emotional development at a young age.

Every trip is a mini adventure

Our crazy and immense rides turn every trip into a mini adventure – whether it’s the school run, a blast around the park, or weekend fun with the family.   

We’re always coming up with new and innovative ways to get from A to B. We believe that even everyday journeys are a great opportunity to have some fun. Our rides are suitable for toddlers through to adults, so now there really is no excuse!

As part of our mission to swap time in front of the screen for healthy fresh air, we’re also incorporating smart technology into our products. This allows kids to record everything from daily adventures through to a new personal best around the block!