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Strolly Compact Blue

Main Features

  • Stage 1: converts into a parent supported early trike
  • Stage 2: converts into a pure trike when they are ready
  • Stage 3: converts into a balance bike to develop motor skills
  • Easy folding for portability and storage
Availability: Out Of Stock

Push and pedal

Practical meets perfect! The Strolly Compact is a revolutionary ‘easy folding’ stroller system that converts into a push trike and then a pure balance bike ready for when your child is ready to for the next step. Now they can push, pedal and progress!

Parents, listen up …

The Strolly Compact is a unique stroller that can be adapted to suit your child’s development. The safety pole gives you complete control as your child gains confidence. Then the pole and accessories can be removed as they progress.  

This allows you to convert the Strolly Compact into a trike they control themselves. Once they’re comfortable on three wheels, the frame can then be adapted into a balance bike to help them develop motor skills and prepare for their first pedal bike!

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