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Y Fliker A1 Self Propelling Scooter

Smooth drifting and awesome control! The Y Fliker A1 is a revolutionary three-wheeled scooter that is a whole body workout. No more kicking the pavement and losing speed. Simply move your hips from side to side and leave the others behind!

  • Easy to control and ensure a safe, fun ride!
  • Innovative scooter that performs smooth drifting.
  • Easy to fold and bring with you wherever you take it!
  • Recommended age: 5+ years
Price: $99.99
Availability: In Stock
* Color:



What's Included

The green one has more glide than the pink.


The green one has more glide than the pink one . It isn't as smooth as the green one . It is also very hard to understand the lock .



Unable to resolve issue with product


This product was purchased for my son for Christmas. While taking the scooter from the box we noticed pieces of broken plastic in the bottom of the box. The foot plate was broken, emailed customer service, sent all information requested and have to email or leave voice messages just to get a response. We just need to know if we are going to receive a replacement part or if we have to send the scooter back. My son has yet to be able to play with his gift. Very disappointed.



Awesome product! My kid loves it!


Bought this for my daughter. She was so excited! She is in love with her scooter and doesn't leave home without it.

Bronx New York


awesome product


Bought this for my 5 year old slightly uncoordinated daughter. She caught on right away and is now starting to do tricks. She absolutely loves it! I think she will be using this scooter for years.

Minneapolis, MN


I love this product so much because it glides


Blah blah blah


I would buy this product again from this company.


This was a gift for my 4 year old granddaughter. She loves it and rides it with her friends.



pete daczka


We bought this for my son who was 1 1/2 year old and I can't believe how easy it was for him to ride it, He absolutely loves it! Really recommend it !!

United States

Joanna Ware


would like pink instead of green if possible

United States

Candace Hinton


This scooter is cute, has three wheels, so it is more stable for younger kids. It has great growth potential!

United States



I do believe that this is going to be a lot of fun for my grand daughters. Since they were not in town and I fit the weight of this scooter Dear old Nana got on board. OK so I am not as talented as these kids are. I found to take off and you get going at a good clip fast is if you swing the handle back and forth it takes off. I love that they brake is on the handle bar and it is easy to grab and use and it stops nicely. I have two dare devil grand daughters so I know this is going to go over big with then. OK now my husband put this together for me. The directions are all pictures and it shows that it comes with 2 screws and an allen wrench. There was not a allen wrench in the box. It only took about 10 minutes to put it together. The handle bars fold down so you can store it. The scooter weighs 13 pounds and the A1 model can carry up to 110 pounds. It is rated for 5 years and older. I could actually see a few wipe outs on here if you have kids that don't have any fear. If you read all of the directions that are in the book. It is quite amazing what it tells you that you should do to keep up the maintenance. After using the scooter for a week or 2 you are suppose to check out the wheels to ensure that they are in perfect working order. You are to rotate the bearings and wheels and you are to check if any lubrication and adjustments are needed. You are suppose to dismantle , clean and lubricate the scooter every 6 months. Hmm !!!!!! This makes me wonder how it is going to hold up at least the wheels and the bearings. Then the other interesting part to this is that if you look or read the description on line it tells how you can basically do tricks on it. If you read in the book it states that you are not suppose to do stunts on the scooter. So. I am a bit confused when it comes to the stunt part of it but I don't know to many kids that are not going to try to do tricks with it as they get more and more comfortable on it. The rest of it seems to be built well. I like the part that you stand on as it is not easy for you feet to slip off of it. I do expect this to go pretty fast and I can seeing my dare devils whipping around corners fast and tipping over. As they have other toys that they are no suppose to tip and they have. So Yes this is a fun toy, but I also recommend differently wearing a Helmet, Elbow and Knee pads.

United States

Y Fliker A1 Green

4.3 29