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    • Ride Ons
      Especially designed to develop strength, balance, coordination and spatial awareness while learning how to walk.
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    • Balance Bikes
      Help kids to master balance, coordination, and motor skills before trading up to their first pedal bike. A safe way to get to grips with life in the fast lane.
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    • Y Gliders
      Awesome multi-stage scooters to help kids rise through the  ranks from beginner to pro.
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    • Y Flikers
      Step on the award-winning  Y Flikers  that revolutionized  three-wheeled scooting. Swing  your hips from side to side  and leave the others behind.
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    • Y Flyer
      This innovative kid-powered design is fast, cutting edge and one of the most stylish ways to cruise around and turn heads. 
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      Have a look at our helmets and light up accessories, designed to keep your children safe and visible.
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      Roll up your sleeves and explore out selection of customizable and spare parts to get your product back to peak performance.
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Latest Posts


Which Y Glider should I buy? The ultimate scooter comparison guide

Looking for the best Y Glider scooter for your child, but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a handy buying guide for our range of Y Glider scooters (Y Glider Deluxe, Y Glider XL and Y Glider XL Deluxe) along with a quick comparison chart to highlight the differences.


The ultimate guide to Y Glider XL scooters

For kids, picking out a new scooter is great fun. It’s basically about running up to the scooter that has the brightest colors or the one that looks like it’s capable of the coolest tricks. As a parent, a little more thought has to go into the choice. Is the scooter going to be suitable for your kid’s abilities? Will it be safe for them to ride? Are they going to outgrow it too quickly?


The ultimate guide to Y Glider Deluxe scooters

Thinking about splashing out on a new Y Glider for your child? With several options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. As the original inventors of the patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ steering system, we offer a complete range of kid’s three-wheeled scooters and we wanted to share our know-how to help you make the best decision.


Four ways kids can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is our favourite time of year! When else do you see people dressed in green and hear Irish music blasting from every shop in town? And what makes it even more special is that our main HQ is based right in the heart of Dublin. Naturally, it’s compulsory for us to clock off early and celebrate with our annual (honest!) pint of Guinness. Take it from us, there’s no better place to be than Dublin to soak up the atmosphere on St Patrick’s Day.


Are balance bikes any good for learning to ride?

Good question! Before we talk about the pros and cons of balance bikes, let’s take a cycle trip down memory lane. Most of us remember the crazy excitement of learning to ride a bike as a kid. The moment you kicked off on two wheels, pushed through the hairy wobbles and made it to the bottom of the hill in one piece. What an awesome sense of freedom!


13 hilarious Halloween costumes to pull off if you have a baby

It’s that time of year when the pumpkin lanterns appear outside people’s houses, and everyone prepares for a spooky evening of trick and treat. For moms with a young baby to look after, it can sometimes feel like you’re staying at home and missing out on the fun. But it doesn’t have to be this way!


13 superstitions you should know about before Friday the 13th!

If you have even one superstitious bone in your body, then you’re probably already making plans for Friday the 13th. If you’re constructing an air-raid shelter in your back yard or planning to spend the afternoon hiding under a duvet, then you’re not alone. Fear of Friday the 13th is such a common phobia that there is even a word to describe it: friggatriskaidekaphobia.


5 memorable ways to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

Instead of spending your weekends eating burritos and watching re-runs of your favourite telenovela, we’ve come up with 5 memorable ways to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. The month of celebration runs from September 15 – October 15 and is a great chance to teach your kids about their own roots and identity, as well as introducing them to other cultures.


7 types of activities that grandparents can do with their grandkids to spend more time together

These days, grandparents are more active than ever before. When it comes to babysitting or taking your grandchild out for the day, there are literally hundreds of activities to choose from. You’re in a unique position to reinvent some of your own childhood games (which often seem new and cool to kids) and try your hand at some modern ones.


Tired Mom? The survival guide for getting more sleep (when you have an attention-grabbing toddler)

You survived the first year and it’s supposed to get easier, but for some reason, you’re still struggling with sleep. Sound familiar? Behind the myth of the supermom and the parents who seemingly don’t need sleep, there is the reality: that family life with a young toddler can be extremely exhausting.