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Latest Posts


Jessica's 5 Classic Outdoor Games To Get Your Kids Active

Getting your kids active can be a difficult task, especially when their rooms are filled with tons of cool electronics. Being active is not only good for their bodies in general, but being active as a family can create wonderful lifelong memories! No matter how you encourage your child to active, your child will surely enjoy the quality time you spend with them! It doesn't take much to get most children going, but we have a few game suggestions if you don't know where to start.


7 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Buying a Scooter For Their Kids

Scooters are booming in popularity and making the number one spot on wish lists for kids of all ages. Whether they’re learning the ropes or they’re a seasoned pro, scooters are a great way to minimise screen time, hang out as a family, liven up the school run and explore the neighbourhood at weekends.


Fussy Eater? 5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Try New Foods

Want your kids to literally beg you to let them try new foods? Want to cook one meal in the evening rather than always having a backup option? This might sound like a million miles away from the usual mealtime tantrums, but we have a few tricks to make your life easier.  


Dads: 3 Ideas to Get your Kids into Sports!

We all know the kind of dad who turns up every Sunday come rain or shine to watch his kid’s game, determined to prepare them for a future career as a professional footballer or Olympic athlete. Yes there are some exceptionally talented children out there, but most of us ‘regular dads’ just want to see our kids enjoy sports and perform as well as they can.


Neon Kart is #1 at The Gadget Show!

Neon Kart came number #1 in The Gadget Show's New York Toy Fair round-up! Channel 5 Gadget Show presenters Georgie Barrat and Craig Charles said that out of the thousands of products on display, this was the best thing they saw at the 2017 show in February. They even gave the audience a quick demo and had a blast around their studio on our Neon Kart!


How to Choose the Best Kids’ Scooter (with Pros & Cons)

Having fun on two wheels (or three) is a big deal for kids, whether they’re a first time rider or a natural pro. Scooters are a great way for them to build confidence. Choosing a scooter that suits your child’s age and experience can set them up for a lifetime of healthy activity. It also allows them to experience a sense of freedom without the steep learning curve of pedal bikes. 


The Y Velo ZZ King is HERE.

It's the moment YOU've all been ALL waiting for.


Introducing Our Most Innovative Y Velo Yet.


The classic Y Velo range has been the gold standard of balance bikes since its conception in the early 2000s. Although it has stood the test of time and has firmly established itself as one of the pillars of our Yvolution lifestyle range, we believe it’s about time for us to break the status quo again. 


Toddler Workout: 10 Ways to Keep your Child Healthy & Happy

Every parent knows that toddlers have a seemingly endless reserve of energy. But at this age they can often spend too much time moving between the car seat, the buggy and the TV. As well as satisfying their craving for activity, exercise is essential for their health, growth and development.


10 SURPRISING things Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and since we all love our moms, it’s natural that we ask ourselves: “What would she really want for Mother’s Day?”


How to Teach Kids to Ride a Bike (quicker than you did).

If you are planning on teaching your kids how to ride a bike, this guide is for you. We cover everything from preparation to safety and fun games. Get ready to teach your kid to ride a bike faster than you learned it.

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