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    • Ride Ons
      Especially designed to develop strength, balance, coordination and spatial awareness while learning how to walk.
      Ride Ons
    • Balance Bikes
      Help kids to master balance, coordination and motor skills before trading up to their first pedal bike. A safe way to get to grips with life in the fast lane.
      Balance Bikes
    • Scooters
      Awesome multi-stage scooters with 'Lean to Steer' technology to help kids rise through the ranks from beginner to pro.
    • Y Fliker
      Step on the award winning Y Flikers that revolutionized three-wheeled scooting. Swing your hips from side to side and leave the others behind.
      Y Fliker
    • Y Flyer
      This innovative kid-powered design is fast, cutting edge and one of the most stylish ways to cruise around and turn heads. 
      Y Flyer
    • Accessories
      Have a look at our helmets and light up accessories, designed to keep your children safe and visible.
    • Spare Parts
      Roll up your sleeves and explore out selection of customizable and spare parts to get your product back to peak performance.
      Spare Parts
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Every parent knows that toddlers have a seemingly endless reserve of energy. But at this age they can often spend too much time moving between the car seat, the buggy and the TV. As well as satisfying their craving for activity, exercise is essential for their health, growth and development.


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5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Encourage your Child to Exercise (and leave the smartphone inside)

Smartphones and videogames are not bad, but its seem to be everything young kids enjoy these days - so how do we get them outside to exercise a little? Easy. All you have to ​do is to introduce them to fun outdoor games they'll want to play!