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    • Ride Ons
      Especially designed to develop strength, balance, coordination and spatial awareness while learning how to walk.
      Ride Ons
    • Balance Bikes
      Help kids to master balance, coordination, and motor skills before trading up to their first pedal bike. A safe way to get to grips with life in the fast lane.
      Balance Bikes
    • Y Gliders
      Awesome multi-stage scooters to help kids rise through the  ranks from beginner to pro.
      Y Gliders
    • Y Flikers
      Step on the award-winning  Y Flikers  that revolutionized  three-wheeled scooting. Swing  your hips from side to side  and leave the others behind.
      Y Flikers
    • Y Flyer
      This innovative kid-powered design is fast, cutting edge and one of the most stylish ways to cruise around and turn heads. 
      Y Flyer
    • Accessories
      Have a look at our helmets and light up accessories, designed to keep your children safe and visible.
    • Spare Parts
      Roll up your sleeves and explore out selection of customizable and spare parts to get your product back to peak performance.
      Spare Parts
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Latest Posts


5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Encourage your Child to Exercise (and leave the smartphone inside)

Smartphones and videogames are not bad, but its seem to be everything young kids enjoy these days - so how do we get them outside to exercise a little? Easy. All you have to ​do is to introduce them to fun outdoor games they'll want to play!


1/3 of Children have Trouble Sleeping. This is WHY.

If your child is having problems sleeping then it can be frustrating for parents NOT know what to do. You might already be aware that technology and diet can be a major cause of sleep disruption, but now emerging research is also pointing to another reason.


We've Gone a Long Way from Wooden Planks...

Kids scooters were around as far back as 1920s! It's amazing how far we've come.


This is WHY Balance Bikes are Better for starting off!

Many of us don’t think about our sense of balance until we fall over. We jump up, check if anyone saw, dust ourselves off and hastily reassure “I just lost my balance”. But how? How do we lose our balance? And why do some fall over more than others?


Wrapping Up and Moving On - Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 Recap

Well it was fun, but alas the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 has drawn to a close (*cries*). What an event! For those who popped by around our ‘cozy’ Yvolve Sports area (we were 5th largest booth on the outdoor toys there), thank you.


Let us know #Yilovemy and you could WIN a Yvolution scooter this month!

Although we know that this month is all about LOVE, what we at Yvolution really want to know is

Who (or what) you love, and ‘Y’ you love them (or it)!


Lighting up Nuremberg with Neon style at the Spielwarenmesse 2017!

We love toys as much as anyone, which is why we’re so excited that we’re in Nuremberg this week to see all the latest trends in the toy industry at Spielwarenmesse 2017! Believe us when we say it’s crazy fun in here! That’s not the only reason why we’re here though. 


Yvolution Interview on at the International Toy Fair 2017 in Nuremberg

In this video from, Julia Baum interviews our EU sales representative Henryk Manske about our new products. This year is about fun and outdoor activities. Getting kids away from smartphones and TV and out into the fresh air on our vibrant, durable, and exciting scooters.


"Learn. Grow Pro." Y Glider Refresh at Spielwarenmesse 2017

Our Y Glider range has always been one of the pillars of the Yvolution brand. This year we’re taking the next best step by revolutionizing our classic Y Glider series with the all-new and improved Y Glider Refresh. 


Fun, Toys and Great Business Opportunities - It’s That Time of the Year Again at Spielwarenmesse 2017 in Nuremberg

If you are in the toy business, a retailer or just want to see the latest and greatest product releases the toy industry has to offer, you absolutely have to come and visit the Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse 2017. It is literally the biggest and most exciting toy fair in the world.