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    • Ride Ons
      Especially designed to develop strength, balance, coordination and spatial awareness while learning how to walk.
      Ride Ons
    • Balance Bikes
      Help kids to master balance, coordination, and motor skills before trading up to their first pedal bike. A safe way to get to grips with life in the fast lane.
      Balance Bikes
    • Y Gliders
      Awesome multi-stage scooters to help kids rise through the  ranks from beginner to pro.
      Y Gliders
    • Y Flikers
      Step on the award-winning  Y Flikers  that revolutionized  three-wheeled scooting. Swing  your hips from side to side  and leave the others behind.
      Y Flikers
    • Y Flyer
      This innovative kid-powered design is fast, cutting edge and one of the most stylish ways to cruise around and turn heads. 
      Y Flyer
    • Accessories
      Have a look at our helmets and light up accessories, designed to keep your children safe and visible.
    • Spare Parts
      Roll up your sleeves and explore out selection of customizable and spare parts to get your product back to peak performance.
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Latest Posts


Obesity rates drop for 2- to 5-year-olds

Today the news worldwide is highlighting the fact that the USA are winning their fight on childhood obesity. A drop of 43% in the obesity rate in 2-5 year olds has been recorded. The world is applauding their efforts, as do we, but we agree with the First Lady...


Crawl-Walk-Scoot. Our company ethos

Here at Yvolution we aim to design products which are fun. colourful, long-lasting and beneficial to children, while also striving to keep the cost low.


Designing Kids Toys

Our design team is often very busy and difficult to get a hold of, but this week I managed to get a hold of David for long enough to explain how a product gets from an idea on his doodle pad to 'store ready'.


FAQ Part 1 Difference between Fliker kids scooters

Our customer service team is committed to improving service in 2014, so they have put together a catalogue of FAQ's and their answers. Every so often we will publish one of the FAQ's on the blog for discussion. This week's topic is the difference between the Y Fliker ranges.


Time to give Thanks

Thank you, thank you, thank you


Bone Density Through Life

Osteoporosis is a disease whereby the integrity of our bones diminishes. As we get older the density and quality of the structure decreases leading to increased risk of fractures;particularly in the spine, wrist, hip, pelvis and upper arm.


Travelling Safely on your Y Gliders and Y Flikers!

Since the rise in popularity of push scooters, there has naturally been a rise in scooter-related accidents. This doesn't mean that children's scooters are dangerous, it is just the nature of being more physically active! There are ways, however, of preventing these bumps and tumbles from happening....


How does the Y Fliker Scooter shape up compared to walking and running?

People often ask us how many calories can be burned on a Y Fliker. It has been likened to downhill skiing  so people had been using that as a marker for their Fitness Apps! We try our best to answer any question our customers have, so here is our attempt to answer your fitness queries!