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13 hilarious Halloween costumes to pull off if you have a baby

It’s that time of year when the pumpkin lanterns appear outside people’s houses, and everyone prepares for a spooky evening of trick and treat. For moms with a young baby to look after, it can sometimes feel like you’re staying at home and missing out on the fun. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Whether you’re meeting up with friends for a late afternoon spice latte, heading out to a dinner party, or curling up at home to frighten the neighbourhood kids and watch your favourite show, here are 13 hilarious Halloween costumes to pull off if you have a baby.

Make sure you dress them in one of these costumes this year… before they grow up and learn to say NO!

1. Harry Potter

Make your baby Hogwarts-ready by turning them into an adorable little wizard with this genius Harry Potter-inspired Halloween costume. Pure genius!

2. Black Cat

The witch and her little black cat! We love this cute baby costume. Imagine feeding them milk, tickling their chin, and cuddling up to them on the sofa!

3. Ghostbusters

If there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? That’s right, Ghostbuster mom and her ghoulishly cute friendly little ghost!

4. Old Granny

Want to turn heads in the mall? Take your baby out in this hilarious old granny Halloween costume complete with a tiny Zimmer frame! Seriously cute!

5. Little Chicken

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it’s Halloween! We recommend dressing up as a mommy chicken (or a giant egg!) for maximum effect.

6. Clark Kent

This little one looks amazing. Dress your baby in a Clark Kent costume this Halloween and they’ll be like kryptonite to everyone you pass on the street!

7. Biker Dude

Looking for a baby costume with attitude? This biker dude is the real deal with his goatee and tattoo! Just remember NOT to pass him a bottle of beer.

8. Baby Bat

If you’re searching for a timeless outfit this year, this one is sure to melt hearts. There’s nothing cuter than a toddler dressed as a little bat.

9. Workout Girls

Relive the ‘80s with these vibrant workout girl costumes. It’s also the perfect chance for you to dust off your glam rock gear and turn up the Boombox!

10. Baby Burrito

This taco costume is perfect for a Mexican themed Halloween. Just wrap them up, place them on the table, and serve with nachos and guacamole!

11. Creepy Spider

Overcome your arachnophobia this year by dressing your baby up as a little eight-legged friend. The cutest accessory for your Halloween costume!

12. Fire-Breathing Dragon

Incredible idea for Lord of the Rings fans and anyone addicted to Game of Thrones! Turn your baby into a miniature Spyro the (fire-breathing) Dragon!

13. Chucky Doll

This is the creepiest toddler costume we have ever seen! Dress them as a killer Chucky Doll, hand them a fake knife…and never sleep soundly again!