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Four ways kids can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is our favourite time of year! When else do you see people dressed in green and hear Irish music blasting from every shop in town? And what makes it even more special is that our main HQ is based right in the heart of Dublin. Naturally, it’s compulsory for us to clock off early and celebrate with our annual (honest!) pint of Guinness. Take it from us, there’s no better place to be than Dublin to soak up the atmosphere on St Patrick’s Day.

However, it’s not all about Guinness and partying. For the little ones in our lives, we came up with four ways kids can join in the fun and celebrate St Patrick’s Day. From four-leaf clovers that can bring you luck to mischievous leprechauns that hide a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s time for awesome make-believe and having loads of fun as a family.

1. Kick off the day with a ‘lucky’ smoothie

St. Patrick's Day green smoothie with donut and shamrock cookie

How about making your kids a big glass of drinkable Irish luck to start them off on their fun-packed day? Smoothies are super easy to make and bursting with goodness. To make the ultimate St Patrick’s Day smoothie, experiment with green ingredients like avocado, spinach, kiwi, pear, kale, cucumber and lime. You could even treat your kids with a mint chocolate smoothie, which is really tasty and healthy. Just throw in some mint, dates, greens, banana, avocado and cacao. Or why not make an exciting ‘pot of gold’ smoothie, with golden beets, avocado, orange and flaxseed? Serve in a jar with a green paper straw and some edible gold glitter for extra luck!

2. Get creative with face paints

Face paints are an awesome way to have some fun on St Patrick’s Day – just make sure they are eco-friendly, so you can have fun without harming the environment. You could turn your kid into a cheeky leprechaun by painting on a big beard, some glasses and a green leprechaun hat (paint the hat so that it sits just above their eyebrows). Or keep it simple and paint the Irish flag with a huge green, white and orange stripe. Parents with more time on their hands (or a degree in fine art) can even attempt rainbow patterns, sparkling pots of gold and bright green shamrocks! Wait until you see them showing off their awesome St Patrick’s Day face paints to their friends.

3. Build a leprechaun trap

There’s nothing like catching a leprechaun to keep the magic alive on St Patrick’s Day! This is a great activity for boys and girls of all ages and is ideal for a rainy day. All you need is a small cardboard box (an old cereal box is perfect), glue, scissors, Sellotape, some green paper to wrap round the box, something resembling a pot of gold (think chocolate coins), and some glitter to decorate the box. Then cover the box in the green paper, cut an opening in the box (for the leprechaun to fall into, obviously), and place the pot of gold near the opening (to lure the little guy in). Then let your kid get as messy and glittery as they like as they decorate the trap! For an extra sprinkling of magic, leave little leprechaun footprints running away from the trap…

4. Plant shamrocks

green shamrocks

Shamrocks are super easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors. You definitely don’t need green fingers, so doing a bit of shamrock-planting with the kids is a great option for St Patrick’s Day. This special plant is the symbol of Ireland and legend has it that St Patrick picked a shamrock to explain the idea of the Holy Trinity. You can tell your kid this story while planting the shamrocks – it’s more likely to stick in their head if they associate it with something fun! Once planted, place the shamrocks next to a leprechaun statue for extra Irish charm.

Have fun!

Whether you’re catching leprechauns with ingenious traps, getting glittery with face paints or concocting lucky-charm smoothies, we hope you have a blast. And if you want to get your kids a SUPER COOL treat for St Patrick’s Day, you could get them a green scooter or balance bike to zoom around on (leprechaun attire optional)! ;-)