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How to plan the most peaceful Mother's Day - EVER

What does the perfect Mother’s Day look like?

Mum resting on the sofa

For most of us, the dream is something like this: to lie in until as late as possible and wake up to a healthy breakfast in bed that you can enjoy in peace while dad keeps the kids busy (in fact, you’re so relaxed that the crashes and bangs coming from downstairs don’t even stress you out). Then it’s a slow, restful morning while everyone else sorts the chores, followed by an afternoon doing whatever you want! Of course, Mother’s Day doesn’t always work out like that – especially if you have a toddler on the loose! The reality is that your child is probably used to spending every waking hour with you at home and doesn’t want to leave you alone long enough for you to have a bubble bath or a quiet read. Instead of spending the day answering a million questions and running around in circles, here’s our advice for having a properly peaceful Mother’s Day.

Brownie points

Remember the golden rule of parenting? Whenever you want your kids to do something for you, turn it into a game. A cool idea for getting the kids to behave and give you some ‘me time’ is to give them a list of five things you want on Mother’s Day (for instance, ‘One portion of breakfast in bed’ or ‘One hour without bickering’) and get them to turn these into coupons that you can ‘spend’ on the Sunday. This lighthearted game will tell them exactly what you want, without making it sound like a chore or a punishment. Sleeping until 9am, breakfast in bed and a nice, long, uninterrupted bath, here you come!

Mum resting on the sofa

Time to scoot!

If you know that you’re just not going to get any peace and quiet while the kids are in the house, send them out on their scooters with dad! Sometimes it’s the only way of getting an hour of ‘me time’. Whether you kick back and watch a film or head out and meet the girls for coffee, you can relax knowing that your kids are having a blast. Our Y Glider range might just be the perfect Mother’s Day present (to yourself!). Designed to help your child develop valuable skills like balance and coordination, these incredible lean-to-steer scooters will help them burn off all that energy, with the added benefit of giving dad a workout trying to keep up with them. Yes, that means sending the kids to bed early and having the night to yourself – result!

Kid and dad enjoying outdoor activities

Child-friendly zone

Toddlers and candles obviously don’t go together. It’s not the most relaxing experience to watch them reaching towards the flame the moment you light that expensive scented candle your husband bought for your birthday. If you want to unwind this Mother’s Day and also want to spend time with your little one, why not create a child-friendly relaxation zone? That means putting the candles and wine in a safe place where there’s no risk of them falling, then watch your toddler climb all over dad instead!

Face masks for all

Your kids like getting messy, right? And you like to feel beautiful? Well, why not spend some time making homemade face masks and then have a fun pampering session together? Face masks are super easy to make. Bananas, avocadoes, yoghurt, honey and lemon are all ideal ingredients. The whole process is squishy, gooey and messy enough for your kids to love it. As they’re homemade, you know exactly what has gone into them, so you know they’re safe for the kids to be playing with. Once you’ve had fun making and putting on your masks, stick on a movie and enjoy some chill time as they work their magic.

Mum and kids playing with face mask

So, can you really have a relaxing Mother’s Day when you’re a mom?

Absolutely. Just remember to redeem your special Mother’s Day coupons for that much-needed lie in or hour to yourself. If you still can’t find alone time then use our secret trick and send them out on their scooters. Trust us, they’ll have so much fun on their scooters that the challenge will be getting them to come home and remember that it’s Mother’s Day.