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Jessica's 5 Classic Outdoor Games To Get Your Kids Active

Getting your kids active can be a difficult task, especially when their rooms are filled with tons of cool electronics. Being active is not only good for their bodies in general, but being active as a family can create wonderful lifelong memories! No matter how you encourage your child to active, your child will surely enjoy the quality time you spend with them! It doesn't take much to get most children going, but we have a few game suggestions if you don't know where to start.

written by:

Jessica Taylor

24. Louisiana. Mother to Kinsley Grace. Mommy Blogger.


#1 Dizzy Driver

This is a game that my daughter made up all on her own, and we play it at least once a week. Using sidewalk chalk, I draw a random "driving course" around our driveway. Using her Y Glider Deluxe, my daughter then races around the course to see how fast she can get to the finish line. I make sure the course is different every time, and make sure it always has lots of silly twists & turns.

For multiple players, I simply make the course a bit wider, and make it a race to the finish line. This is a way to not only get kids active, but it teaches them about good sportsmanship! When using a Y Glider Deluxe, this game even helps them learn traditional steering skills which they will need later on in life.



#2 Duck, Duck, Goose!

Although this game may seem silly, it is an easy way to get your kids active. The rules are simple; All of the players sit in a circle while one person walks around tapping each player on the head. Each time the player walking taps someone on the head they must say "DUCK". Once the player walking taps someone on the head and says "GOOSE", that person must jump up and try to tag the other player before he makes his way around the circle and sits in the empty spot.

This is one of my daughter's favorite games, because it is easy enough for everyone in the family to join in. It can also be played both inside and outside. This game can go on for hours, or end after a few turns depending on how long you are trying to keep your children occupied.


#3 Freeze Tag

This has always been one of my personal favorite games. The first person who is "it" must chase the other players around the yard and tag them. Once a player has been tagged, they must freeze in place. Frozen players must remain frozen until another untagged player tags them. There is no minimum or maximum number of players in freeze tag, however I find that it is much more fun with more than five players. This game continues until all runners have been frozen, and then a new person becomes "it", so it can keep kids occupied outside for hours!

It is especially fun when we do our own version of "Water Balloon Freeze Tag" where the person who is "it" must hit you with a water balloon instead of tagging you. This version is perfect when it is extremely hot outside!


#4 Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a schoolyard classic that almost everyone has played at some point in their lives. To start the game, someone must draw a hopscotch board on the ground using chalk or marker. This board can be the traditional 1 foot, 1 foot, 1 foot, 2 feet, 1 foot, 2 feet, 1 foot, 1 foot design or you can create a custom board yourself. The board must be large enough for at least one foot to fit in, and large enough so that a stone/rock doesn't bounce out too easily. One at a time, players must throw a stone/rock onto the board. If the stone/rock lands in a designated box, the player must take their turn. If the stone/rock lands on the corner of a box or bounces out, that player loses their turn. Once the player throws their stone onto the first box, they must hop through the hopscotch board SKIPPING the box that their stone landed on.


The player can't have more than one foot on the ground at a time, unless there are two hopscotch squares drawn next to each other. Once the player reaches the end of the board, they must turn around and complete the board in reverse order, and pick up their stone on the way back. If the player successfully finishes the course with their stone on box one, they may toss the stone onto the second box during their next turn. The game continues until someone is able to correctly complete the course with their stone landing on each of the 10 boxes. This game can continue on for hours depending on the number of players, and how coordinated each player is.


#5 Mother, May I?

Another schoolyard classic, Mother May I has been around for years! Although Mother May I is best played in large groups, this game is perfect for all ages! The rules of this game are extremely simple. One player is designated Mother (regardless of actual gender), and stands on the opposite side of the yard from all of the other players (facing the opposite direction). One at a time, players must ask "Mother's" permission to take steps forward. For example, the player may ask "Mother, may I take four steps forward". The person who is playing the role of mother must respond with either "Yes, you may" or "No, you may not". If Mother says they cannot take four steps forward, she must give a different action instead such as "Take 3 steps forward instead" or "Take one step back".

"Mother" may even request for the player to run backwards, run forward, or skip their next turn. Any player that forgets to say "Mother, may I" when requesting their steps, must go back at the starting line. The first player to reach "Mother" is the winner, and it is their turn to become the "Mother" of the game. This game could go on for hours depending on the number of players involved, and how lenient the current "Mother" is.

Feel free to share your game suggestions with us as we would love to hear what motivates your child to get out and get active! 


Jessica Taylor from Momma's Little Reviews & Giveaways

Jessica was born and raised in a small southern town in Louisiana. She is a single mother to a beautiful and very energetic three year old little girl named Kinsley Grace.