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Spring is in the air – it’s time for a Y Fliker LIFT!

It’s happening – the spring weather has finally kicked in!

The days are longer and we can spend more time outdoors with our mates, blasting around on anything with wheels (yes, we’re still big kids at heart). These sunny mornings also mean the start of scooter-powered school runs and evenings racing each other in the park. But it’s not just spring that’s in the air – the new season ahead means a new set of wheels. Oh yeah!

Y Fliker by Yvolution

The Y Fliker LIFT is literally taking off up and down the country, with its cool three-wheeled design that lets you pull slick wheelies, awesome spins and even some sideways fun. We have never been this excited about a Fliker before! The LIFT takes everything we love about a Y Fliker and dials it to the absolute max for kids who want a real challenge. Here’s why this is the scooter you should master this year:

Can your scooter do this? Huh?

The Y Fliker LIFT is equipped with our patent-pending LIFT technology, which makes this infinitely more impressive than a regular scooter. The angled handlebars and lightweight frame help you lift the front end quickly and pop a mega wheelie that feels like it lasts forever. Did we mention the handlebars spin 360-degrees for mid-air tricks? The extra rear wheels take this to another level, allowing you even to wheelie sideways – our minds were blown when we did this the first time. Crazy stunts aside, the Y Fliker LIFT is a seriously fun scooter to ride anywhere, whether it’s the school run or a trip around the block. There’s even a Twist & Stow folding system for easy travel and storage (parents, you can thank us later).

No more kicking the tarmac

If there’s one thing we don’t like about summer, it’s eating up tarmac on a regular kick scooter when it’s a scorcher of a day. In all seriousness, we don’t have anything against regular scooters, but that motion can get repetitive when you’re covering distance. Even though we can’t take out the hard work and sweatiness, we can mix things up with a different way to ride. The Y Fliker LIFT system works by shifting your weight from one leg to the other, twisting your hips to move forward. Once you find a rhythm, the scooter reaches top speed in no time. This means you’re always in contact with the scooter and your feet never touch the ground, so you have a whole bunch of tricks at your fingertips.

Want to be strong and fit? Ride.

The other upside is that the Y Fliker LIFT is an all-body workout, making your arms and legs stronger at the same time. Just by scooting around, you’re improving physical development and building strength. Depending on how you ride, you can burn up to 770 calories in only one hour of scooting. As well as building core strength rapidly and zapping an incredible number of calories, Y Fliker scooters improve motor skills, balance and coordination which carry over into loads of other areas of life – especially sports (unfortunately it doesn’t make you better at homework, but we’re working on this).

Designed by people who love scooters.

The Y Fliker LIFT is designed to be functional and to withstand knocks and bumps. Every detail is geared towards getting that front end high in the air and keeping the rider safe and in control. To increase comfort, we added height-adjustable handlebars, soft grips, angled footplates for a more aggressive ride and a quick-touch brake for when you’re pushing the limit. But the rear caster wheels really take the spotlight. These high-impact wheels are designed to hold those power wheelies, whether you’re going forward or sideways. Even when you’re pulling mega drifts and carves, they are there to make sure you never overcook it and always look like a total pro.

Y Fliker by Yvolution


In other words, the Y Fliker LIFT might look totally nuts when you see someone pulling a sideways wheelie down the street, but the reality is that it’s incredibly safe to ride and makes stunts like this a piece of cake … but don’t tell anyone, that’s our secret. If you’re looking for a new challenge and want a versatile ride that will take you from the school gates to weekend adventures, we reckon the Y Fliker is the perfect spring ride. If you only do one thing this summer, make sure you get your hands on a Y Fliker LIFT and test ride one for yourself!