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Welcome to Our New Website! Let's Play Hide & Seek?

Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting our all-new website! How do you like it? My friends at Yvolution worked so hard to get this website up and running so you get the best experience when browsing through. And since, it may be your first time here, would you like to play a game?

You get a chance to win a special prize (50% OFF coupon) if you do! Read more to find out how!


I am hiding somewhere here on the website (hehe), and if you can find me...

TAKE a screenshot 
...and SEND your screenshot via e-mail to email subject can be something like: "Found you!".


The first 20 people who finds me, gets a one-time use 50% OFF coupon code to purchase any 1 product of their choice!

have to WARN you, I am VERY good at hiding!


BUUT, I will give you a TIP...


I usually like to hide somewhere in a product picture. 

So if I was you, I would browse through the products and take a close look at the pictures in the product galleries.

Maybe you can find me ;)



*Ends Monday, 10th July, 12:00am PDT & available for residents of the United States ONLY.*
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