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Which Y Glider should I buy? The ultimate scooter comparison guide

Looking for the best Y Glider scooter for your child, but not sure where to start?

We’ve put together a handy buying guide for our range of Y Glider scooters (Y Glider Deluxe, Y Glider XL and Y Glider XL Deluxe) along with a quick comparison chart to highlight the differences.

First, what is a Y Glider scooter?

Y Glider Scooters from Yvolution

Y Gliders are three-wheeled scooters that features a patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ lean-to-steer system. This means that children can steer by leaning in the direction they want to go, making it much easier to ride and balance than a regular scooter. Unique to Yvolution, this adjustable steering column has three modes – click a button and change the sensitivity of the lean angle, instantly adapting the scooter to suit the age and experience level.

The major advantage of this technology is that the entire Y Glider range will now last your child longer and evolve as they grow and learn new skills. Once your child has mastered the ‘learn’ phase, they can move on to ‘grow’, and eventually ‘pro’. This design has transformed the scooter market and has loads of educational benefits (more on that below). Whilst all three of our Y Glider scooters feature our ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system, there are still some important differences between the models.

Quick comparison

Table: Age, ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system + Rear brake + Adjustable Handlebars + Arc Folding Handlebars + Customisable colours

Y Glider Deluxe

Y Glider Deluxe from Yvolution

Why choose one?

- For toddlers and kids aged 3 years+
- Options to customise mudguard and wheel inserts
- Patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system to accelerate learning
- Lean-to-steer motion feels more natural than a regular scooter

Our range kicks off with the Y Glider Deluxe. This is ideal for starting out and it’s specifically designed for toddlers and children aged 3 years+. The lean-to-steer movement is intuitive and easy for them to learn, helping with physical development such as balance, coordination, spatial awareness and gross motor skills – all important for moving up to a more advanced scooter or in preparation for learning to ride a pedal bike. Ideal for the school run or short trips to the park, the Y Glider Deluxe comes with a chunky rear foot brake and comfortable grips for little hands. Kids can even customise the mudguards and change the coloured wheel inserts.

In summary: One of the best options on the market as a starter scooter for toddlers and kids aged 3 years+. The lean-to-steer movement should feel more natural than a regular scooter, accelerating their learning and giving them a sense of freedom in a safe and fun way.

View the range. Prices start at $59.99.

Y Glider XL

Y Glider XL from Yvolution

Why choose one?

- For children aged 5+ looking for a more premium ride
- Patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system to accelerate learning
- Handlebars can be adjusted as they grow
- Customisable deck and coloured wheel inserts

The Y Glider XL is a great choice for children aged 5 years+. Perfect as a starter scooter or a step up to a more advanced ride, the Y Glider XL comes with a patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system and the same safety features such as a rear brake, extra wide grip deck and durable wheels. The idea is the same: children steer by naturally leaning in the direction they want to go, but the ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ functionality can also be adjusted to suit their age and level of experience. One click, and the lean angle changes, making this ideal for fast-growing kids who need to be constantly challenged. The frame also features adjustable handlebars (77cm – 88cm), so this really is a scooter that evolves with them as they grow.

In summary: The ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system and adjustable handlebars makes this ideal for children aged 5+ who need a scooter that will keep up with their development. The customisable deck and coloured wheel inserts also allows them to add their own touch and stand out at the school gates.

View the range. Prices start at $69.99.

Y Glider XL Deluxe

Y Glider XL Deluxe from Yvolution

Why choose one?

- For big kids and daring riders aged 5-8 years old
- Patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system to accelerate learning
- Handlebars can be adjusted as they grow
- Customisable deck and coloured wheel inserts
- Arc-folding handlebars for easy storage and portability

The Y Glider XL Deluxe is our best-selling scooter in the Y Glider range. Designed for children aged 5-8 years old, the Y Glider XL has a lot of features including customisable deck and wheel inserts, a rear foot brake, extra wide deck and polyurethane wheels for a smooth ride. The steering is controlled by our patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ system, creating a lean-to-steer experience with three adjustable lean angles depending on age and experience. The handlebars can be adjusted (77cm – 88cm), but what really sets the Y Glider XL Deluxe apart is the arc-folding design. This means the handlebars fold into the frame when not in use, making the Y Glider XL Deluxe easier to carry when your child is tired (or after dropping them off at school) and less bulky to store at home or in the car when going on weekend adventures.

In summary: The Y Glider XL Deluxe is a groundbreaking three-wheeled scooter that can be customised in colour, adjusted to height and experience, and is capable of everything from the school run to longer rides. This is the best option for big kids and parents who need a portable scooter that’s easy to store at home.

View the range. Prices start at $89.99.