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Y Pewi: 360-degrees of freedom!

Want to know if your baby will grow up to be a ballet dancer, astronaut, athlete, sports star, adventurer, scuba diver (or any other awesome and active career)? Check their baby walker.

It’s as simple as that. Okay, we admit that we have absolutely NO scientific proof for this theory, but we really do believe that letting kids experience a sense of freedom helps them to connect with their body and can set them up for a lifetime of activity.

Don’t believe us? There’s now a world of difference between the traditional ‘frame on wheels’ from your own childhood memories and the latest walkers to reach the baby aisle. Here are five ways our latest Y Pewi bridges the gap between walking buddy and ride-on, helping your child to develop balance, movement, coordination and gross motor skills (before they have even taken their first real steps).

1. Ride or push: there’s no right/wrong

Depending on your child’s level of development (or what they feel in that moment) the Y Pewi can be used as a standard baby walker to help them balance, or used as a ride-on toy for them to scoot around. The minimalist and non-restrictive design allows them to switch it up whenever they want, meaning that they can dismount, walk around and generally do whatever comes naturally to them at the time. The two-in-one design also keeps them continually learning from 9 months all the way up to 36 months.

2. Swivel wheels: what’s that over there?

Y Pewi Wheel Close-up

Parents, you all know how curious toddlers can be and how their big round eyes soak up everything in sight. Whatever catches their eye, the Y Pewi’s durable and quiet 360-degree caster wheels allow them to turn all the way around to check it out. This incredible level of movement gives them unrestricted access in every direction, letting them explore without feeling uncomfortable or restricted. At the same time, the wheels are non-marking (saving your wooden floor) and stable for better control.

3. Intuitive handles: hold on tight!

Y Pewi Handle Close-up

Baby walkers of the past would strike an equal measure of worry and delight as parents watched their toddlers take uncertain steps across the room. We’ve reimagined the frame design to create an intuitive curved steering wheel-shaped handle that feels great for them to hold at any angle. Whether they’re pushing it from the front or using the Y Pewi as a ride-on, the ergonomic shape gives them better mobility and helps them to find a comfortable position as they begin to grow in height and reach.

4. Take a seat: where to next?

The Y Pewi combines two stages of development in one, taking toddlers from a sleek push toy to a lightweight ride-on without any adjustments or changes! The wide seat provides a stable and comfortable position for them to easily place their feet on the ground and practice moving in any direction. Using the handlebars to keep their balance and the long frame to prevent tipping, they can turn the Y Pewi 360-degrees, teaching them the basics of coordination and gross motor skills.

5. Lightweight: for every situation

Whether you’re planning a day out (and need to carry all the gear) or just helping them out of a rut in the garden or a tight corner of the house, we believe that kids’ rides should be lightweight and easy to move. The Y Pewi steps onto the scales at just 1.8kg, making it a carry on short walks or take in the car for weekend outings. Aside from making life easier for mom and dad (and saving you from a free workout), this also means it’s even easier for kids to move around without extra bulk or weight to slow them down!